When shopping for a new TV, there are two terms you'll see often: LED and LCD. In this look at LED vs. LCD, we explain how the two technologies are fundamentally connected, what to look for when shopping for these types of TVs, and what's…

Gente, é incrível como a tecnologia pode deixar as coisas bem melhores, né? Um exemplo são as TVs de LED, que melhoraram muito a qualidade da imagem  Should you buy an OLED, LED or QLED TV? - USA Today 25 Mar 2017 Essentially, you've got three main choices today: LED TVs, OLED TV, and quantum dot TVs The advantages to a back- or edge-lit LED TV are: each pixel (dot) is its own light source, therefore no backlighting is required. Тип подсветки Direct LED или Edge LED? Выбираем лучшее Тип подсветки Edge LED и Direct LED, что лучше выбрать? Чтобы Принцип работы LCD и LED телевизоров отличается способом подсветки цветной 

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OLED vs. LED: Vergleich der TV-Technologien - was ist besser?

LCD, LED, Edge LED und Full LED. Technik und Vergleichstest LED-Fernseher - Wir zeigen Ihnen die Unterschiede zu anderen LCD-TVs sowie zwischen Edge LED und Full LED und aktuelle ausführliche Testberichte. QLED vs OLED vs LED TV: Which one is the best? - RTINGS.com OLED TVs have the same issue, and it is a more significant issue in HDR. Since OLED TVs aren't as bright as LED, this is much more noticeable. In some scene changes, the brightness can change from 900 cd/m² to as low as 150 cd/m², which is very noticeable and may bother some people. Winner: LED/QLED. Learn more about peak brightness. Color Volume Technologie podsvícení LCD televizorů - Nástup LED podsvícení | TV Freak

LED ist nicht gleich LED. Bei den besten und teuersten LCD-TVs, wie zum Beispiel dem Panasonic TX-65DXW 904, sitzt die Beleuchtung direkt hinter dem Display (Direct-LED). Dadurch kann das Bild in einzelne Lichtbereiche unterteilt werden – bei dem Panasonic DXW 904 sind es zum Beispiel 512 sogenannte Cluster. Gegenüber der Edge-LED-Lösung 4k-TV mit Direct-LED und Local Dimming, Kaufberatung Fernseher -

There are two types of LED HDTV - edge-lit and back-lit televisions. So what is the The traditional method of back-lighting an LCD TV has been to use a cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL). Back-lit LED without Local Dimming (Direct-lit). QLED vs OLED vs LED TV: Which one is the best? - RTINGS