Some antivirus software blocks known malicious websites that attempt to install malware. Antivirus software does not change the underlying capability of hosts to transmit viruses.

The outside of my laptop is a bit grubby and I would like to clean it up a bit. Can anyone advise (I assume soap and water is inappropriate!)? Thanks How to Clean Your Laptop’s Case, Screen, and Keyboard - dummies

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How To Thoroughly Clean Your Dirty Desktop Computer

How to Clean Your Mac or MacBook Display Safely. Unplug Everything. Detach all of your accessories from your Apple display (if you are cleaning this at the same time as your keyboard, that’s How do I clean my laptop? - Computer Hope Unfortunately, unlike a desktop computer, a laptop is not as easy to open and clean. However, there are still several steps an end-user can do to clean and maintain their laptop or portable device. Before cleaning a laptop, we suggest the laptop first be turned off and unplugged. Five tips to speed up your Mac - CNET 3. Clean your Mac's hard drive. Sometimes, all your MacBook needs is a data clean-up. Over the years, you've probably cluttered your Mac with files and applications you no longer use or need. How to get rid of malware on your Mac | iMore While malware on the Mac is rare, it does crop up, as we've demonstrated. Having the right tools to get rid of malware can be an important part of keeping your Mac safe and secure. There are a number of tools that you can choose from, including popular programs like BitDefender and Kaspersky, that will help you keep malware from infecting your Mac.

SOLVED: Cleaning outside aluminum tower - Power Mac G5 - iFixit ''I use iKlear Apple Polish. Block Image. '' Krylon KSCS032 Short Cuts Aerosol Spray Paint,  The best Mac cleanup tips for digital spring cleaning - Intego 20 Mar 2019 Since the release of macOS Sierra a few years ago, the Mac operating system has a useful new feature for Give your Desktop a clean sweep. Apple Mac Computers, iPads & Accessories from MacMall

The Ultimate Guide to Mac Security 2018 | AVG 14 Jun 2018 You don't have to be a computer genius to stay safe on Macs. (Note: Apps you've installed from outside the Mac App Store may need to be  4: The Outside of Your Computer - 5 Tips for Cleaning Your Mac The outside of your laptop or desktop can collect all kinds of grimy fingerprints, dust and germs. And if dust gets inside the vents of your desktop, it could slow down the functionality of the fans and other vital components. To clean your Mac, use a non-abrasive, lint-free cloth like a diaper you would use for dusting or a thin microfiber cloth that won't scratch the surface. And properly shut the computer down and unplug it before you start to clean. How to Safely Clean the Outside of Your Mac · EliteMacTechs This can very easily short out and destroy expensive parts of your computer, like the screen, keyboard, or logic board. Get a soft cloth slightly damp with cleaning solution and use that to wipe or dab at your Mac. If you’re not sure what to use to clean the screen, keyboard, or body of your laptop, remember drier is always better.