Is it legal to use the names of your customers and their logos on a client list you show to the public? For example, can you legally have a page on your website on which you display those names and logos, to identify your customers? Technically, the law would ask whether the use of the client’s name and logo constitutes a trademark or

Did you know that logos are covered by copyright and trademark law? Using logos or recognizable brands in corporate blogs is a bad idea. Learn why here Samsung Pay: Mobile Payment App & Digital Wallet | Samsung US

From Boston Tech and IP Lawyer Erik Heels, far more of an authority on fair use than I: If you are writing and commenting about a company, product, or famous person, then it’s a no-brainer that it’s fair use to use the company’s logo, product image, or headshot in your blog post. Look at business periodicals such as BusinessWeeek.

27 Aug 2019 Why Do I Need To Put A Logo In The Email? Your company logo — together with the main colors of your website — creates. The formula “small logo, big text” works well for big brands like Apple and National Geographic.

Permission to Use Logo | UpCounsel 2019 When in doubt, a trademark lawyer can help you cover all your bases. This will make sure you're not infringing on anyone's rights. Whether you're seeking permission to use a logo or you want to register your own logo to receive legal protections, the experienced attorneys at UpCounsel can help. Can I use another company's logo on my website? - Quora

Yes, if you follow their strict rules. You can download Apple artwork for this purpose, however you must follow their rules. These rules include where you can iTunes - Marketing on iTunes - Identity Guidelines - Apple Use the iTunes Store badge in your email, digital ads, apps, websites, and whenever else you promote music that you offer on the iTunes Store. Your audience will see the iTunes Store badge as a sign of quality. Apple Pay - Apple (CA) You can also use Apple Pay in all kinds of apps — and on participating websites using Safari on your Mac, iPhone and iPad. Use Apple Pay in these locations. And hundreds of thousands more. When You Don't Need Permission to Use Another Owner's Trademarks | Nolo You could (obviously) use the word mark "Chevrolet" as well as the famous golden "plus sign" logo mark. This would be true whether you were publishing a news article or an article in an academic journal. Similarly, if you were making a documentary film on the history of American trucks, you would not need permission to include the Chevrolet

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