Here is how big The Crew's map is compared to the real US

GTA 5 vs. Just Cause 2 (map size comparison) > OffTopic | Forums It takes people hours if even possible. The map is not limited everything you see you can go to it. Above is a scale I found comparing Just Cause 2 map size to other video games, you thought GTA SA was huge we'll what do you think of this. [b]Vote what map you think will be better and explain why. GTA 5 or Just Cause 2?[/b]

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Measuring Fallout 4 map size, by walking across the entire thing

How big is Far Cry 5's map - Polygon 5 Apr 2018 And in this case it shows how consistent Far Cry maps have been in size going back to 2008's Far Cry 2. The times for the Far Cry games  Сравнение размеров карт GTA5, Witcher 3, Fallout, Far Cry 30 июл 2017 Сравнение размеров карт GTA5, Witcher 3, Fallout, Far Cry, WoW и Берем в пример just cause 3 карта огромна, но сколько пустых 

24 Apr 2015 The closest state in the US that is about the same size as The Crew's map is Delaware which is about 470 sq miles/1200 sq km, & according to the wiki GTA V is only 100 sq miles, Just Cause 3, my friend, Just Cause 3 The Top 10 Biggest Video Game Maps - 15 Sep 2018 Here's our list of the biggest video game maps of all time. Exceeding the size of both Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4 by just a single square mile, The game's map, which spans all five continents of the world of Mira; an uncharted Cause 3's record; the map in Just Cause 3 is around 390 square miles in size.

Just Cause 3 Full World Map Size Revealed, Compared With Just Cause 2 You can see the world map of Just Cause 2 below. The world map in Just Cause 3 is indeed huge and together with the grappling hook and the new wingsuit combo, it is a lot of fun to explore. The Here is how big The Crew's map is compared to the real US. | Forums I think the funny thing about the crew map is that it might reinforce the lack of intuitive knowledge many EU players have about the size of the US. I have read many messages from visitors who are, for example, surprised that they can't just take a quick trip to the Grand Canyon while visiting NYC! (To be fair, many US citizens lack basic A relative size comparison of game world maps - fascinating!