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7 Feb 2019 99% Play WRONG - BEST Apex Legends CONSOLE SETTINGS PS4/XBOX Controller (BEST SETTINGS APEX LEGENDS) Buy WHITE Xbox  BEST "CHEAP" PS4 CONTROLLER? Unboxing Nacon Wired 8 Jan 2018 Unboxing & kinda review of new Nacon Wired Compact Controller for Playstation 4. One of the best affordable controllers for the average 

Die besten PS4-Controller 2019 - Top-Gamepads im Vergleich

The PS4 DualShock is great, but sometimes you just want something different. Here are our top picks for the best third-party PlayStation 4 controllers.

kewecom PlayStation 4 Dualshock Fingerpoint PS4 Scuf Controller - V2 (2016) Matt Design Zebra Red Currently unavailable. SCUF Gaming Infinity Pro Video Game Controller for Playstation 4 and PC, Black Best Controllers for PS4 : scufgaming - reddit Best Controllers for PS4. Close. 1. Posted by u/ [deleted] 2 years ago. Archived. Best Controllers for PS4. What's the best to help with Cod and stuff? (Trigger stops, paddles etc.) Scuf infinity 4ps vs 4pps Another Brand? What helps the most. 16 comments Does anyone use the PS4 Scuf controllers, are they worth it? - Dont get the scuf that's like an Xbox controller, you only need 2 paddles not 4. Do u need a scuf for siege? No you dont, I have hit diamond with and without a scuf. Best ps4 pro controller? : PS4 - reddit The ps4 controller is the easiest to learn on, use tactical layout and flip the triggers. I also flip square and x because that is where my finger naturally rests. Also kontrol freaks on the right thumbstick makes it more comfortable. Also bumper jumper tactical is a great setup, rest your index on L1 and middle on L2 to jump and aim down sights at the same time.

Why SCUF - Scuf Gaming Custom, professional Xbox and PlayStation controllers used by over 90% of pro players. it's going to help me win more gunfights and get better positioning on the other team." SCUF Grip in red green blue custom PlayStation 4 controller  An actually good Scuf Vantage Review : scufgaming - Reddit